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Attestation by Apostille

G M T M Consultants since 1999 South African Document Legalisation and Authentication Experts.

Situated near most relevant Government Departments, Institutions and Embassy's.

Tel: 0027 126709010 or 012 670 9010

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South Africa


Telephone No:

012 6709010/22

Email: info@gmtm.co.za

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Welcome to our website on Apostille, Authentication, Attestation and Legalisation of documents- if you do not find the information you need please feel free to contact or email us.


Gawie Maritz

Owner and Managing Director

Requirements per Country

We facilitate the process to Attest South African Documents in South Africa to be recognised for use outside of South Africa.

In South Africa there are a few role players in the document authentication  process including but not excluded to  the Department of International Relations and Co-operation also known as DIRCO, The High Court, Government  Departments and Institutions like the Health Professionals Council, Umalusi and

under some circumstances the services of a Attorney whom is a registered Notary is needed.

Apostill and Authentication process can be complicated. Don’t leave this process to untrained employees or non-professionals who do not fully understand the the unique requirements of certain countries and documents. Your paperwork could be rejected costing you time and money. Don’t let this happen to you!

How we assist.

 • We advise you of what documents is needed and in what form.

 • We collate and prepare documents as per requirements.

 • We arrange notarisation where necessary.

 • We arrange translations by sworn translators where necessary.

 • We pay the statuary fees where necessary.

 • We take documents to the different departments - not courier or deliver.

 • We check the processing for correctness.

 • We courier the documents back to any destination word wide.

What must u the client do?

 • Call us, email us or complete the inquiry form with details what you need.

 • We will respond with the document requirements, estimated cost and time line.

 • Courier the documents to our Head Office address or to make it easier book a collection from any  address in or out of SA here.

      •• Our courier service will collect from your door step during office hours.

What happens after we receive the documents?

 • We will process the documents.

 • You will be sent a invoice with payment options and details.

 • We will immediately start the process but will only pay statuary fees and Embassy fees after we have received payment from our clients.

Why Choose GMTM Consultants to Apostille, Authenticate and legalise your documents ?

 • We have been servicing the General Public, Ex-Pats,  Multi - Nationals , Law Practitioners all over the world since 1999

 • We do not merely courier, deliver and collect documents from the relevant departments one of our dedicated personnel takes, facilitates and checks the process at each relevant Department and /or Embassy.

 • We offer a money back guarantee under certain Terms and Conditions.

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Courier address

Document Apostille for Belguim

Document Apostille for Bosnia

Document Apostille for Brazil

Document Apostille for Chilie

Document Apostille for Astralia

Document Apostille for Czeck

Document Apostille for France

Document Apostille for Georgia

Document Apostille for Croatia

Document Apostille for Cyprus

Document Apostille for Germany

Document Apostille for Greece

Document Apostille for Israel

Document Apostille for Italy

Document Apostille for Kazachastan

Document Apostille for Malta

Document Apostille for Mauritius

Document Apostille for Netherlands

Document Apostille for New Zealand

Document Apostille for Poland

Document Apostille for Portugal

Document Apostille for Romania

Document Apostille for Russia

Document Apostille for Serbia

Document Apostille for Seychells

Document Apostille for Slovakia

Document Apostille for Slovenia

Document Apostille for South Korea

Document Apostille for Spain

Document Apostille for Switzerland

Document Apostille for Tajikistan

Document Apostille for Ukraine

Document Apostille for United Kingdom

Document Apostille for United States

Document Apostille for Uruguay

Document Apostille for Uzbekistan

Document Apostille for Venezuela

Apostille Countries

Countries where documents must also be presented to their Local Embassy

Document Attestation for  Angola

Document Attestation for  Brazil

Document Attestation for  Canada

Document Attestation for  China

Document Attestation for  Egypt

Document Attestation for  Iran

Document Attestation for  Iraq

Document Attestation for  Kuweit

Document Attestation for  Mozambique

Document Attestation for Maleisia

Document Attestation for  Oman

Document Attestation for  Pakistan

Document Attestation for  Quatar

Document Attestation for  Saudi Arabia

Document Attestation for Syria

Document Attestation for  Sudan

Document Attestation for  Taiwan

Document Attestation for  Thailand

Document Attestation for  UAE

Document Attestation for  Vietnam

Document Attestation for  Yeman

Document Attestation for  Zimbabwe

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Steps for us to assist u with the process

We have a simple and basic Fee Structure without Fine Print

You pay R 495 for the first document and R 95 per document there after excluding statuary or Embassy Fees per Apostille, Authentication,