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Attestation by Apostille

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Gawie Maritz

Owner and Managing Director

Requirements per Country

Apostille is done for the Countries whom are signatures to the La Hague Convention. This consists of a agreement between the signatory countries to a cost effective method to Attest to the originality and Legality of a document for use in one of the member countries. Each country has its own institution whom performs the Apostille process and in South Africa it is The Department of International Relations and Co-operation also known as DIRCO for most original documents and for Notary Copies the relevant High Court.

When a document is Apostilled the information contained in the documents correctness is not confirmed but it is confirmed that the Signature on the document belongs to a person whom is authorised to sign such document. The signature on the document is compared with the specimen signature on DIRCO file.

Documents must then also adhere to the required formats.

It has to be noted by getting a Apostille on any document does not constitute the correctness and/or legality of the document but merely conforms that the signature on the document was verified to be that of a appointed and vetted official.

1. Apostille by by DIRCO ( Department of International Relations and Cooperation)

 1.1. Original documents to be presented directly:

 • Unabridged birth and marriage certificates;

 • Police clearance certificates;

 • Letters of no impediment;

1.2. Documents that must be presented to other Departments and Institutions for ratification before presented to DIRCO.

 • Degree certificates, diplomas, matric certificates and academic transcripts;

 • Passport copies and Letters of no impediment;

 • Medical reports and certificates;

 •Powers of attorney;

2. Apostilles done by the relevant High Court:

 • Divorce decree and settlement agreements.

 • Passport copies

 • Power of Attorney

 • Translations by a sworn translator.

 • Contracts and Trade Documents.